Ep 7. A Conversation with Kim Clairy and her husband William – Part 2

In this episode (Part 2 of 2) we continue our interview with Kim and her husband William. If you haven’t listened to Part 1, start there. Kim is an autistic occupational therapist. She has a passion for educating clinicians and challenging them to look outside the box when working with clients. She uses her personal journey and unique perspective to teach clinicians nationwide about autism, sensory processing disorder, and eating disorders. 

In this episode Kim shares how William supported her in learning about social cues. She also talks about her journey with interoception which helped her to understand herself and her emotions and what she needed in order to learn. She sees it as a foundational skill that needs to be explored by all individuals.  

We also hear about her views on adult autistic people only using “age-appropriate” items or watching “age-appropriate” shows and movies.

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