A Conversation with Chloe Rothschild, Autistic Self-Advocate

Chloe is a passionate advocate for autism, bringing her unique perspective to the forefront as an Autistic Self-Advocate, Public Speaker, Co-Author, Board Member, and Teacher’s Aide. Her mission is clear: to foster understanding and awareness about autism through her experiences and insights.

As a co-author of the “My Interoception Workbook for Teens, Adolescents, and Adults,” Chloe has played a pivotal role in providing resources that support those on the autism spectrum. In addition to her writing, Chloe actively contributes to the autism community by serving on the national board of The Arc of the United States and the advisory board of the Ohio Center for Autism and Low Incidence (OCALI).

Through her multifaceted contributions and experiences, Chloe strives to make the world a more inclusive and understanding place for individuals on the autism spectrum.

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