Whatever way you learn, communicate, and relate to this world is valid, beautiful, and worthy of being understood and supported.


At Mindsight Therapies, we offer unconventional support and solutions for the authentic empowerment of neurodivergent people.


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Mindsight Therapies is a multidisciplinary practice innovating new ways to serve neurodivergent individuals. We see, honor and advocate for a neurodivergent person’s truth, even when it goes against societal norms. We focus on helping them advocate for those differences and express themselves in a way that the neuromajority will hear them. No masking or self-abandoning here – for us, it’s about helping unique individuals find their voice in this world.

Mindsight Therapies’ fully integrated therapeutic approach coupled with Debbie’s deep understanding of autistic neurology provided our son with the opportunity to understand his own feelings, which allowed him to better express himself in much healthier ways. This has allowed our son to better navigate social situations and to help manage his associated anxieties so that he could develop connections and friendships with his peers.
– parent –

A Different Approach

Conventional therapy, schools, social services, and society has long focused on assimilating individuals with special needs. We teach & train kids on how to control their emotions, be less sensitive and behave normally so they best fit into a culture with very narrow definitions of ‘normal’.


This has taught individuals with autism, ADHD, social communication disorders, social anxiety, etc. to hide their authentic expression and disconnect from their true self. It has inhibited the unique gifts of neurodivergent people and led these individuals to believe they are wrong, broken or imperfect.

There is another way and we’re here to support and guide you along it.
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Since starting with Debbie, my son’s ability to be social and to be more confident in his ability to be social, his ability to focus, his interoception, continue to astound us with rapid and marked improvements. We have never had this caliber of targeted help for our son with any other provider for the past 19 years, until now, with Debbie at Mindsight Therapies. Her passion, innovation, dedication, and expertise are unparalleled.
– parent –